Revenue splitting has never been easier. We automate the process and pay everyone directly! | SpareMusic

What is revenue splitting?

Our revenue splitting tool is an automated system in which you can assign anyone to receive any percentage of earnings from any one of your releases. You assign roles, percentage splits, and we pay everyone directly to ensure quality control.

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Automatically pay all contributors

Paying out collaborators on a regular basis can be a headache and very time consuming. Simplify the process by using our automated revenue splitting tool. Save your time and energy for creating more music!

Start splitting revenue in 3 easy steps.

Get started by signing up and creating or distributing a release on SpareMusic.

Click “my releases” and select the release you wish to apply revenue splitting on.

Enter your collaborators email and percentage split to start the process. Your collaborator will get an invite tying them to your release.
We pay all collaborators every month directly. This ensures quality control, and eliminates the fear of not getting paid. You also get bulletproof analytics.