Pre-save Links! EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE + FREE music launch tool! | SpareMusic

What is a Pre-Save link?

The Pre-Save links tool lets you generate a link for fans to pre-save your unreleased music. When your music goes live, they will automatically follow you and your release, increasing your follower count and get great free promo.

Create Pre-Saves FREE

When you sign up for a Spare Music account, Pre-Save links open a new door to the world of both fan incentives and artist promotion. Sign up today and create your first link!

Generate your Pre-Saves in 3 easy steps!

Using our back-end platform, select Pre-Saves as an add-on to your new release to start the process. Simply follow the instructions and create your new Pre-Save link in a few easy steps.
Once created, you'll be able to share your Pre-save Link to all of your fans. Be sure to have your fans share the link around to gain more followers. Your fans will then be notified when your release drops.
Your pre-save link will allow your fans to automatically follow you and your release as soon as it goes live. This free power promo generates instant new followers, fans, and more revenue!