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Get heard with our music promotion tools.

Whether you are an artist or a label, we’ve built a wide range of tools that can help get your music higher up on those charts. These features can be accessed in our platform on releases you’ve already made as well as ones you are about to make.

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All of our plans get access to the tools below.

Revenue Splitting

We have automated and normalized your revenue splitting and payout process on your releases! You assign roles, percentage splits, and we pay everyone directly to ensure quality control.

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Pre-save Links

You upload your release a month in advance, we give you links to promote called ‘Pre-Save’ links, when your release launches, people auto-follow you and your music is auto-added to everyone’s playlists!

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SoundCloud Monetization

Are you uploading to SoudCloud for free plays right now? Why? Let SpareMusic handle it and we’ll get you paid for every play instead. Most artists actually don’t know that you can monetize Soundcloud.

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Vevo Channels

That VEVO logo on video uploads… so much credibility and an instant eye grabber – making YOU, the artist, stand out from the crowd fast. We can register your new VEVO channel and upload your videos for you!

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