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Get your own Vevo Channel.

Seeing a Vevo logo on an artists video adds instant prestige, credibility, authority, and can get you noticed fast. We give our family access to the Vevo eco-system with cost effective solutions for registering and uploading video releases onto their platform in a few easy steps.

Vevo Channel Registration

Register for an Official Vevo Channel for a one-time fee, and let us do the rest.


One time

Video Upload

We will upload your content to your newly registered Vevo channel for you.


Per Upload

Getting on Vevo is easy!

Once signed onto the platform, you can request an official Vevo account for your artist profile. For only $49.99, your request will be processed towards recieving your own Vevo Channel.
We send the request off to Vevo and the process of creating your official Vevo channel gets started. We'll notify you of the progress of your application. This step usually takes 2 weeks.
Your channel will be created by Vevo and we'll update you as soon as it becomes accessible. We'll be able to upload content and customize your channel the way you like.

You make music, we'll do the rest.

Get started with SpareMusic right now. There are no upfront costs, support is always on standby ready to help you, and our new self-publishing platform makes music distribution + payouts super easy!

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