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How to get your music on Shazam

Get Shazam to recognize your releases! Clubs, Ubers, DJ’s, ads, events, music is EVERYWHERE. When someone try’s to Shazam your song and you pop up – it adds instant credibility, new fans, and new revenue potential to any level artist! Make your music scannable in less than 48 hours.

First 5 Releases Free!

New customers get 5 releases delivered to Shazam absolutely free.

Shazam Uploads

Each additional Shazam delivery will cost you less than a dollar. That's it!


Per Release

Distribute YOUR music to 100’s of streaming and download sites:

Why only get your music on Spotify when you could get your music on over 200+ different stores? More stores means more money in your pocket, and we’re all about that. We’ve got all the big stores and we’re always adding more.

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