Content Protection

Content is often stolen and re-uploaded across the internet! What if we could help you prevent that? That's exactly what we do with Content Protection across YouTube, SoundCloud and Facebook!

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Multi-site Protection

Content isn't just stolen in one place. That's why we provide protection across YouTube, SoundCloud and Facebook so you can claim, takedown or block content with the click of a button!

Simple Asset Assignment

We offer a simple asset assignment process. Just upload your asset right into our platform, fill out the necessary information and we'll have your asset protected within 24 hours!

Performance Analytics

We allow you to track every element of your asset protection. From a full asset overview to a deep overview of each claim that's active assigned to that asset! All of this in real-time!

When you use SpareMusic:

Higher Revenue Splits!

24-Hour Delievery Window

Submit Takedowns with ease

When you don't:

Standard 50-50 revenue share deal.

You wait up to 2 weeks for each new delivery.

You wait each time for a case to be reviewed

Getting set up is a piece of cake!

Our team will approve your release, publish it to the online stores and give you insight into its performance.

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