Music Distribution

Remember the old days when companies use to charge you for distribution? With Spare Music you can distribute your music for free right within our platform. We also get your track shipped to stores quickly too!

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Simple Release Process

Simply, choose the release type, add your tracks and we'll manage the rest! We'll keep you posted at each stage of your release and we'll be sure to let you konw when it's published to stores!

Delivery to 250+ Online Stores

Get discovered in places you never thought existed. Allow people to discover your talents, put you on repeat and jam out on whatever platform they like!

Performance Analytics

Keep up to date with the performance of each of your releases right within our platform. Track listens by stores and keep an eye on the revenue that's being generated!

When you use SpareMusic:

No up-front fees for each release

24-Hour Delievery Window

Fast Payments

When you don't:

You're charged for each release you make!

You wait up to 2 weeks for each new release.

You wait up to four months to recieve payment.

Protect Your Content

Having content stolen, sucks. But what if it could be prevented? We put you in the driver's seat allowing your creations to stay your creations. With a wide range of tools, you can track stolen uploads, decide on the next step and see clear performance metrics.

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Getting set up is a piece of cake!

Our team will approve your release, publish it to the online stores and give you insight into its performance.

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