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What is SoundCloud Monetization?

As with Apple Music, Spotify, and other streaming platforms, you earn money each time someone plays your music - so why not start earning a little extra from your SoundCloud streams too? With our SoundCloud Monetization system you can make this happen in three easy steps!

Start Monetizing SoundCloud in 3 easy steps!

We upload all of your music to SoundCloud and 100's of other stores. Simply upload artwork, audio files, select a release date, and we do the rest!
We send you an invite directly to your email. You accept and we start the process of monetizing your SoundCloud account. It's that easy!
Every time someone streams your music, you earn money! You even make money if someone re-uplaods your music on SoundCloud. We've got your back!

Our Creators

As thousands of renowned artists and labels rely on the SpareMusic platform to manage their releases, we strive to make sure everyone is fully satisfied with the services we provide. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to the team!

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Distribute YOUR music to 100’s of streaming and download sites:

Why only get your music on Spotify when you could get your music on over 200+ different stores? More stores means more money in your pocket, and we’re all about that. We’ve got all the big stores and we’re always adding more.

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