Join Our Team!

We're building awesome tools for content creators and we'd love for you to come on this adventure with us!

What we're building

At Spare Music, we're building promotion and distribution tools for content creators. We work with a range of artists and promoters who range from a few hundread subscribers to millions!

We're building a single platform that enables creators to manage, promote and protect their online assets while also gaining access to other third-party tools directly from within our platform.

Going forward we're aiming to license this technology out to other companies in the space and help other companies increase productivity with tools we've built from the ground up.

Current Openings

Back-end PHP Developer

Worldwide, Global


We're looking for someone who can help us build the back-end of our platform by intergrating with third-party APIs and help build up our own internal services with a key focus on automation.

We use Laravel 5.5 on our back-end, VueJS on our front-end and Go for some report processing and data analysis in the background.

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